Hey. I was wondering if anybody knows what kind of bass Zach used in Anatomy of A Ghost. It looked like some 5-string Warwick.. like a corvette or streamer or something. Does anybody know??



Hmm, I don't even know if anybody still reads this, but I was wondering if anybody has some Anatomy of a Ghost demos, or videos, or anything that was never really released. AOAG have been my favorite band for quite some time now and I'm still upset that they're gone forever. I have some videos and whatnot to trade. If anybodys interested, you can AIM me. My screename is: xABulletsKissx

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hey guys, my name is jules and i just joined. yeah, yeah- you don't care. since i did just join an anatomy community, i'm assuming i don't need to go into grotesque detail about how awesome i think this band is.

i heard they got back together from the portugal community and i'm ecstatic. this is awesome, but i don't need to tell you that. i hope they hit new york when they tour because that would be sick and mean that i could see them since i hadn't before they broke up.

alright, well i'm done, just thought i'd say hello.

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ok soooooooooooooooooooooooooo i just heard the joyful news of anatomy releasing a new cd and possibly touring for it so what im wondering is can anyone explain everyhting to me? like how this all came about and whatnot. do they plan on touring over the summer of next fall or what? i really hope it's not next fall cause ill be in fucking college by then which will be a bajillion miles south of chi town. ummm yea, i got to see anatomy ONCE at warped tour 2003 and i cried a little when i heard they broke up. anyone ever have that happen to them, they discover a band by seing them live and then never get to see them live again after they get into them a lot? no? ok, guess im weird. also, does anyone know if there is any anatomy merch left at all? i have uno shirt of theirs and it is way rad, so i'd like another. peace bitches.